Pi Wars 2021 – Team Arbie

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Progress – 15th February

Ah, one of those weeks. There have been various joys this week. First, learning about manufacturing tolerances. Taking inspiration from the design that PiDrogen showed in their Pi Wars conference video we strapped 5 Lego dart shooters together to fire all at once. (I had initially envisioned firing them individually and moving them along aContinue reading “Progress – 15th February”

Retrospective – Costs

The previous post was a general retrospective. I thought it would also be interesting for future competitors to roughly estimate how much our entry cost. The main ticket items (although we had some of these already lying around) Lego Remote Control Stunt Racer £56 Raspberry Pi 3A+ £23.40 SD Card £5.99 Redboard+ £30 Line SensorsContinue reading “Retrospective – Costs”

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