Pi Wars 2021 – Team Arbie

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Hi there. We are Team Arbie entering the 2021 Pi Wars challenge, two year three boys, Robbie and Aris, along with their parents, Hellen, Julie and Ian. The hope is that entering will give Robbie and Aris a good introduction to robotics and experience so they can enter a robot of their own in aContinue reading “Hello”

Building Plan

I suspect the sentiment that no plan survives first contact with reality applies as much to robotics as it does to the military, but we still need a plan. So here’s ours. The body of the robot will be built in Lego, based on the chassis of the 42095 RC Stunt Racer. Lego because weContinue reading “Building Plan”

Testing Arena

First easy steps was getting somewhere to test and making the fish tank for Feed the Fish. Our fishtank was made from 5mm plasticard A3 sheets cut into three 20cm by 40cm rectangles and one 20cm by 20cm square then stuck together with a hot glue gun. To make it easier to keep the sidesContinue reading “Testing Arena”

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